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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
UnknownHead of Buddha11th-14th century1940.17View
UnknownHead of Buddha1940.18View
UnknownHead of Buddha1940.16View
Dell' Aquila, SilvestroBust of the Madonna1495-15001940.14View
UnknownHead of a Figurine1940.8View
UnknownHead of a Figurine1940.7View
UnknownEkecatal, God of Wind, Sitting on Top of a Pyramid Temple1300-1500 C.E.1940.6View
UnknownHead700-1000 C.E.1940.4View
UnknownEkecatl, God of Wind1300-1500 C.E.1940.5View
UnknownHead of a God, Lowest Stratum1940.3View
UnknownHead of a God, Lowest Stratum1940.2View
UnknownHead of a God700-1300 C.E.1940.1View
UnknownTanagra figurine of a standing draped woman19th century1939.2View
UnknownScarab, Carnelian Figure of Pegasusmodern (probably)1937.7View
UnknownHead of FigurineHellenistic period1937.3View
UnknownHead of FigurineHellenistic period1937.2View
UnknownHead of FigurineHellenistic period1937.1View
UnknownHead of a Man1936.2View
UnknownHead of a Figurineca. 430 B.C.E.1935.16View
UnknownTanagra figurine of a standing draped womanHellenistic period, 3rd century B.C.E.1933.9View
UnknownStanding Woman with headdressGandhara period, Kushan Dynasty, 3rd-5th century C.E.1931.14View
UnknownHead of a BodhisattvaGandhara Period, Kushan Dynasty, 3rd-5th century C.E.1931.13View
UnknownHead of a BodhisattvaGandhara Period, Kushan Dynasty, 3rd-5th century C.E1931.12View
UnknownFigure of a Woman1926.33View
UnknownBust of a ChildLate Imperial, 200-300 C.E.1924.22View
UnknownCapital with Confronting Lionsca. 12th century1924.171View
UnknownHead of a Statuette1911.64View
UnknownTorsoHellenistic period, 1st century B.C.E.1906.1View
Unknown; Polykleitos (in the manner of)Male Nude in the manner of PolykleitosLate Republican or Early Imperial Roman, ca. 100 B.C.E.-100 C.E.1904.1View
Greenough, Richard SaltonstallThe Dreamer18631900.1View
Whitney, AnneRoma18691891.1View
UnknownCaptive Being Flayedca. 645-640 B.C.E.1883.1View
UnknownMask of Demeter6th century B.C.E.1944.5View
UnknownTanagra figurine of standing KoreClassical period, 5th century B.C.E.1944.6View
UnknownMan's Head4th century B.C.E.1944.7View
UnknownArchaizing Mask or AntefixHellenistic period, 2nd-1st century B.C.E.1944.10View
UnknownTomb Furnishing representing a CamelTang Dynasty, early 7th century1944.23View
Maria (Maria Martins)I Dreamed for a Long Time that I Was Free19451948.1View
UnknownPilaster: Vielle player, from the Abbey of Saint-Martin de Savignyca. 1150-701949.16View
UnknownRelief: Intellectual and muselate Imperial, early 4th century1949.17View
UnknownTympanum: Centaur and boar13th century1949.18View
UnknownThe Last Supperlate 15th century1949.20View
UnknownPaired Head Stopsca. 1300-251949.21View
UnknownPaired Head Stopsca. 1300-251949.22View
UnknownSpandrel/ Christ Praying on the Mount of Olives13th century1949.23View
UnknownCloister Capital from Saint-Gaudensca. 11801949.24View
UnknownSt. Michael Weighing Soulsca. 12571949.25View
UnknownSpandrels from Moutiers-Saint-Jean, showing Saint Michael Weighing Souls and Archangel and Demonca. 12501949.26View
UnknownComposite Capital2nd-3rd century C.E.1949.27View
UnknownColumn1st century B.C.E.-5th century C.E.1949.28.2View

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