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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
UnknownBridal Party2011.147View
Helena Photo ShopPortrait of a Man2011.148View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman2011.149View
G. W. H.Portrait of a Man2011.150View
Rose & SonPortrait of Two Women and Dog2011.151View
Howie H.Portrait of Two Women2011.153View
UnknownRussia. Kola. Group of Samoyedes.2011.154View
Detroit Photographic CompanyUtes. Group of Children2011.155View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman1860s2011.156View
UnknownPortrait of a womanmid- to late-19th century2009.298View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisMexican Occupationalsca. 1870-752011.173.1-.17View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisMestiza de Yucatan [standing portrait of young girl from Yucatan holding a basket]ca. 1870-752011.173.1View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisPescador [fisherman in white clothing holding large canvas net and basket]ca. 1870-752011.173.2View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedor de Pirú. [seated man with sombrero selling pirú]ca. 1870-752011.173.3View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisEscobero [broom seller]ca. 1870-752011.173.4View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisBuñolera [seated woman wearing rebozo selling buñuelos]ca. 1870-752011.173.5View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisNevero [ice cream seller]ca. 1870-752011.173.6View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisCedaceros [two young men selling molds]ca. 1870-752011.173.7View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedor de Café [coffee seller with young male customer]ca. 1870-752011.173.8View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisCargador [stevedore]ca. 1870-752011.173.9View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisTamalera [seated woman with rebozo selling tamales]ca. 1870-752011.173.10View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisEvangelista [public scribe with customer]ca. 1870-752011.173.11View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisMatraquero [seller of noisemakers]ca. 1870-752011.173.12View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisYoung woman and boy standingca. 1870-752011.173.13View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedor de Bateas [seller of botes or tubs?]ca. 1870-752011.173.14View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisJudero [seller of Judas effigies]. Posing in front of backdrop showing Cathedral]ca. 1870-752011.173.15View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedor de Petates (mat seller)ca. 1870-752011.173.16View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedora de Flores [young woman carrying child on back selling flowers in a basket]ca. 1870-752011.173.17View
Leiderstam, MattsAfter Image (Pair of Portrait Groups of Members of the Society of Dilettanti)20102012.12View
Leiderstam, MattsAfter Image (Coast Scene with Apollo and the Cumaean & Landscape with Mercury and Battus)20112012.13View
Leiderstam, MattsAfter Image (Piazza del Popolo before 1751)20122012.14View
Leiderstam, MattsAfter Image (The Life Class of the Vienna Academy in the St Anne Building)20122012.15View
Casebere, JamesLandscape with Houses (Dutchess County, NY) # 1020112012.16View
Sherman, CindyUntitled, from the series "Bus Riders"1976/20052012.17.1-.20View
UnknownIndia Travel Albumca. 1860-951989.68.1-.29View
Stern, GreteSueño 26, Llamada (Dream 26, Telephone Call)19492012.9View
Hetherington, TimUntitled (Liberia)20042012.21View
Lutter, VeraBent Pyramid, Dahshur: April 16, 201020102012.22View
Beshty, WaleadAllen, South Dakota, Median Income $7,578: United States Post Office, August 1, 2011, (Cancelled by Jens Hoffmann, August 16, 2011)20112012.23View
Beshty, WaleadFisher Island, Florida, Median Income $236,238: United States Post Office, August 23, 2011, (Cancelled by Jens Hoffmann, August 26, 2011)20112012.24View
Bey, DawoudAsa19961998.5.a-.dView
Álvarez Bravo, LolaTríptico de los martirios II (Triptych of the Martyrs II)1949 (printed 1981)2012.46View
Noggle, AnneAddendum to Virginia Woolf19902012.25View
Noggle, AnneMyself as a Pilot (alternate frame)19822012.26View
Noggle, AnneA Rose is a Rose19852012.27View
Noggle, Anne3 Stellar by Starlight (with ball)19862012.28View
Noggle, Anne1 Stellar by Starlight (coming out of water, glasses on)19862012.29View
Noggle, Anne2 Stellar by Starlight (with crown and glitter)19862012.30View
Noggle, AnneThe Old Nymph19852012.31View

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