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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
UnknownPortrait of a Family2011.127View
UnknownPortrait of a Family2011.128View
UnknownPortrait of Three Men with Camera Equipment2011.129View
UnknownJohn Brown's Birthplace2011.130View
UnknownPortrait of a Soldier2011.131View
UnknownPortrait of a Child2011.132View
UnknownPortrait of Woman and Child2011.133View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman2011.134View
UnknownPortrait of a Boy2011.135View
UnknownPortrait of a Man2011.136View
UnknownPortrait of a Man2011.137View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman2011.138View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman2011.140View
UnknownPortrait of a Man and Child2011.141View
UnknownPortrait of a Man and Woman2011.142View
UnknownPortrait of a Man2011.143View
UnknownPortrait of a Man2011.144View
UnknownPortrait of a Child2011.145View
UnknownThe Turpentine Still2011.146View
UnknownBridal Party2011.147View
Helena Photo ShopPortrait of a Man2011.148View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman2011.149View
G. W. H.Portrait of a Man2011.150View
Rose & SonPortrait of Two Women and Dog2011.151View
Howie H.Portrait of Two Women2011.153View
UnknownRussia. Kola. Group of Samoyedes.2011.154View
Detroit Photographic CompanyUtes. Group of Children2011.155View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman1860s2011.156View
UnknownPortrait of a Womanmid- to late-19th century2009.298View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisMexican Occupationalsca. 1870-752011.173.1-.17View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisMestiza de Yucatan [standing portrait of young girl from Yucatan holding a basket], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.1View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisPescador [fisherman in white clothing holding large canvas net and basket], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.2View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedor de Pirú [seated man with sombrero selling pirú], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.3View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisEscobero [broom seller], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.4View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisBuñolera [seated woman wearing rebozo selling buñuelos], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.5View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisNevero [ice cream seller], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.6View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisCedaceros [two young men selling molds], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.7View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedor de Café [coffee seller with young male customer], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.8View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisCargador [stevedore], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.9View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisTamalera [seated woman with rebozo selling tamales], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.10View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisEvangelista [public scribe with customer], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.11View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisMatraquero [seller of noisemakers], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.12View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisYoung woman and boy standing, from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.13View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedor de Bateas [seller of botes or tubs?], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.14View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisJudero [seller of Judas effigies posing in front of backdrop showing Cathedral], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.15View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedor de Petates [mat seller], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.16View
Cruces, Antíoco; Campa, LuisVendedora de Flores [young woman carrying child on back selling flowers in a basket], from the album "Mexican Occupationals"ca. 1870-752011.173.17View
Leiderstam, MattsAfter Image (Pair of Portrait Groups of Members of the Society of Dilettanti)20102012.12View

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