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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Strand, PaulPortfolio II, The Garden1957-641991.47.1-.6View
Lyon, DannyDanny Lyon Portfolio1967-69 (published 1971)2003.92.1-.18View
Rius, RamonMarxa creuant el pont (March of the Joventut Socialista Unificada [JSU] crossing the bridge over the Segre River)1936 (printed 2006/12)2011.21View
Rius, Ramon19 de juilo de 1936. La proclamació de l'estat de guerra (July 19, 1936. The proclamation of a state of war)1936 (printed 2006)2011.26View
Rius, RamonLa Paeria com a seu del primer Tribunal Popular (The first Popular Tribunal at La Paeria, the town hall)1936 (printed 2006)2011.23View
Rius, RamonSoldats a la plaça de la Paeria (Soldiers of the Popular Army of the Republic rest in front of La Paeria)1936 (printed 2006)2011.24View
Rius, RamonUntitled (Officer declaring a state of war on 19 July 1936)1936 (printed 2006/12)2011.25View
Rius, RamonUntitled (Friends and relatives of those arrested by the Popular Tribunal gather to learn their sentences)1936 (printed 2006)2011.27View
Rius, RamonDesfilada de combatents per la Banqueta (Parade of soldiers on the Banqueta)1936 (printed 2006)2011.28View
Rius, RamonUntitled (Funeral of Salvador Talavera, a CNT member, assassinated in May, 1937)1937 (printed 2006)2011.29View
Rius, RamonUntitled (Political posters and flags)1936 (printed 2006/12)2011.30View
Rius, RamonUntitled (Crowd with banners of Francisco Largo Caballero and Francesc Macià)1936 (printed 2006)2011.31View
Rius, RamonUntitled (Onlookers watch as a building adjacent to the Cathedral is set on fire)1936 (printed 2006)2011.32View
Rius, RamonVista interior de Sant Joan (Interior view of Sant Joan after it was burned down by revolutionary militias on 25 July 1936)1936 (printed 2006/12)2011.33View
Rius, RamonIconoclástia (Iconoclasm, Pulling Down Sant Pere)1936 (printed 2006)2011.34View
Rius, RamonUntitled (A late XV century image of the Madonna and Child was destroyed on August 25, 1936)1936 (printed 2006)2011.35View
Rius, RamonSenyera estelada (Car with Estat Català flag)1936 (printed 2006)2011.36View
Rius, RamonUntitled (Vehicles of the Popular Army fill Rambla de Ferran)1936 (printed 2006)2011.37View
Rius, RamonConcentració de vehicles a la rambla Ferran (Vehicles gather on the Rambla Ferran)1936 (printed 2006)2011.38View
Rius, RamonUntitled (Crowd in front of shop)1936 (printed 2006)2011.39View
Rius, RamonCues per comprar pa (Lines to buy bread)1936 (printed 2006)2011.40View
Rius, RamonEl fotògraf (The Photographer, Self-Portrait)1936 (printed 2006)2011.41View
Rius, RamonIncendi de Sant Pere (Fire in Sant Pere)1936 (printed 2006)2011.42View
Rius, RamonInterior de Sant Pere incendiat (Burnt Interior of Sant Pere)1936 (printed 2006)2011.43View
Rius, RamonL'Hospital de Santa Maria (Santa Maria Hospital)1936 (printed 2006)2011.44View
Rius, RamonMarxa de suport als combatents de la República (March in suport of the soldiers of the Republic)1936 (printed 2006)2011.45View
Rius, RamonSalut!1936 (printed 2006)2011.22View
Rius, RamonSeu del Casino Principal ocupada pel POUM (Casino Headquarters occupied by the POUM)1936 (printed 2006)2011.46View
Rius, RamonAmbulancia al carrer Major (A make-shift ambulance in front of Ramon Rius’ bakery)1936 (printed 2006)2011.47View
Rius, RamonSant Pere incendiada (Church being descrated)1936 (printed 2006)2011.48View
Kirkland, IsabellaTaxa1999-2004 (printed 2006, published 2008)2010.42.1-.7View
Kirkland, IsabellaDescendant, from the suite "Taxa"1999 (printed 2006, published 2008)2010.42.2View
Kirkland, IsabellaAscendant, from the suite "Taxa"2000 (printed 2006, published 2008)2010.42.3View
Kirkland, IsabellaTrade, from the suite "Taxa"2001 (printed 2006, published 2008)2010.42.4View
Kirkland, IsabellaCollection, from the suite "Taxa"2002 (printed 2006, published 2008)2010.42.5View
Kirkland, IsabellaBack, from the suite "Taxa"2003 (printed 2006, published 2008)2010.42.6View
Kirkland, IsabellaGone, from the suite "Taxa"2004 (printed 2006, published 2008)2010.42.7View
Strand, PaulThe Mexican Portfolio1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.1-.20View
Strand, PaulTitle page, dedication, 3 pages of text by Leo Hurwitz, Strand's text and signature in ink, numbered titles of each image, and an homage statement by David Alfaro Siqueiros, from the "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.1View
Carpenter Photograph RoomsPortrait of a Woman2011.66View
UnknownPostcard of an unidentified Kansa Chief2011.67View
J. M. CayePostcard of an unidentified woman and child2011.68View
EnosPostcard of Ute Chief Manitou2011.69View
Olsen, FredPostcard of three unidentified womencopyright 19112011.70View
UnknownPostcard of an unidentified child2011.71View
Shiffert, Fred R.Postcard of Miss Spunner2011.72View
UnknownPostcard of an unidentified woman2011.73View
Bowman, Walter S.Postcard of three unidentified Umatilla men2011.74View
UnknownPostcard of unidentified Paiute men and children2011.75View
UnknownPostcard of two unidentified women2011.76View

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