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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
UnknownPortrait of an infant2010.27View
UnknownPortrait of a woman and man2010.28View
UnknownPortrait of a girl2010.29View
UnknownPortrait of woman and baby2010.30View
UnknownPortrait of a woman and four children2010.31View
UnknownPortrait of a woman and four children2010.32View
UnknownPortrait of a young woman2010.33View
UnknownPortrait of a boy2010.34View
UnknownPortrait of a girl2010.35View
Schoefft, OttoSouvenir d'Egypte: 25 Types Remarquables du Pays (Souvenir from Egypt: 25 Remarkable Types from the Country)ca. 1860s-1890s2009.390.1-.25View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Three Women)2010.0.1View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Portrait)2010.0.2View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Dancers)2010.0.3View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Stone House)2010.0.4View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Woman with mountains)2010.0.5View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Woman in boat)2010.0.6View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Woman and baby)2010.0.7View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Portrait of a young woman)2010.0.8View
Yang Ke LinUntitled (Three people)2010.0.9View
Oldenburg, ClaesUntitled (Portrait of Claes Oldenburg), from the portfolio, "Notes in Hand"copyright 19722001.95.2View
Oldenburg, ClaesUntitled (Claes Oldenburg in New York City), from the portfolio, "Notes in Hand"copyright 19722001.95.3View
Strand, PaulFox River, Gaspe, from "Portfolio III"19361990.44.8View
Strand, PaulOil Refinery, Tema Ghana, from "Portfolio III"19631990.44.10View
Strand, PaulThe Camargue, France, from "Portfolio III"19361990.44.9View
Callahan, HarryFigure Detail (Pregnant Woman)19492010.71View
UnknownNo. 319. Tipos de tejedora e hiladora. Mixtecas, Oaxaca2010.72View
UnknownUntitled (mother with baby and young boy)2010.73View
UnknownUntitled (man with a walking stick carrying a large jug)2010.74View
UnknownCarreta Mexicana2010.75View
UnknownCasuelero (man carrying a crate)2010.77View
UnknownUntitled (Woman or man drinking from a plant)2010.78View
Strand, PaulNear Saltillo, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.2View
Strand, PaulChurch, Coapiaxtla, from “The Mexican Portfolio”1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.3View
Strand, PaulVirgin, San Felipe, Oaxaca, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.4View
Strand, PaulWomen of Santa Ana, Michoacán, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.5View
Strand, PaulMen of Santa Ana, Michoacán, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.6View
Strand, PaulWoman, Pátzcuaro, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.7View
Strand, PaulBoy, Uruapan, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.8View
Strand, PaulCristo, Oaxaca, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.9View
Strand, PaulYoung Woman and Boy, Tenancingo, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.10View
Strand, PaulPlaza, State of Puebla, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.11View
Strand, PaulCalvario, Pátzcuaro, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.12View
Strand, PaulGirl and Child, Toluca, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.13View
Strand, PaulCristo with Thorns, Huexotla, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.14View
Strand, PaulMan, Tenancingo, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.15View
Strand, PaulYoung Woman and Boy, Toluca, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.16View
Strand, PaulGateway, Hidalgo, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.17View
Strand, PaulCristo, Tlacochoaya, Oaxaca, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.18View
Strand, PaulBoy, Hidalgo, from "The Mexican Portfolio"1932-33 (published 1967)2011.49.19View

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