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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
BoydPortrait of a Young Woman and a Young Man19th century2009.320View
Vadala, DiegoPortrait of a Woman and a Man19th century2009.321View
Astrom & Co.Portrait of a Man, a Woman and a Girl19th century2009.322View
Hicks, R. G.Portrait of a Man, a Woman and a Two Girls19th century2009.323View
Cutler, H. E.Frank and Cora19th century2009.324View
Gray, Francis CalleyPortrait of a Man, a Woman and an Infant19th century2009.325View
Wright, JamesEllen F. Tuckey, Ray, and the DogJune 18902009.326View
WurstPortrait of an Infant19th century2009.327View
WolfensteinPortrait of a Man, a Woman and Two Boys19th century2009.328View
Heath, Harry S.Portrait of a Man, a Woman and a Girl19th century2009.329View
SherburnePortrait of a Girl19th century2009.330View
Halloran Bros.Portrait of a Young Woman19th century2009.331View
Pfeifer, J. A.Portrait of a Woman19th century2009.332View
Clemens, Mat. J.Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoffman19th century2009.333View
Lewis, C. E.Portrait of a Man, a Woman and a Girl18882009.334View
PardoPortrait of a Man, a Woman, a Boy and a Girl19th century2009.335View
Mayhew Bros.Portrait of a Woman and a Man19th century2009.336View
Martin, Geo. F.Portrait of a Man and a Woman19th century2009.337View
McIntyre, A. D.Portrait of a Man and a Woman19th century2009.338View
NadarPortrait of a Woman19th century2009.339View
Stauffer, Aaron N.Portrait of a Boy and a Girl19th century2009.340View
Miller & SmithThe Children of Charles N. Chickering19th century2009.341View
Lewis, C. E.Portrait of a Woman19th century2009.342View
CusickPortrait of a Man and a Woman19th century2009.343View
Conat's Riverside GalleryPortrait of a Man and a Woman19th century2009.344View
Lewin, OttoPortrait of a Girl19th century2009.345View
Wood, Theodore H.Portrait of a Man and a Woman19th century2009.346View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman19th century2009.347View
Davis, E. F.; Douglas, O. F.Portrait of a Girl19th century2009.348View
McIntosh, R.M.Portrait of a Man and a Woman19th century2009.349View
Kozorek, William F.Mrs. Smiley and DaughterOctober 24th, 19032009.350View
Gilbertson, Will J.Portrait of a Man, a Woman and an Infant19th century2009.351View
Whittier, M.F.Portrait of a Woman19th century2009.352View
Nickerson, G. H.Portrait of a Man18862009.353View
Anderson, Charles; Hartshorn, James OttoPortrait of a Woman and a Girl19th century2009.354View
Schoefft, OttoFemme avec Son Enfant, from the album "Souvenir d'Eqypte: 25 Types Remarquables du Pays" (Souvenir from Egypt: 25 Remarkable Types from the Country)ca. 1860s-1890s2009.390.25View
Eberman, Charles W.Portrait of a Boy and Girl19th century2009.356View
Black and Batchelder Studio; Black, James Wallace; Batchelder, Perez MannTwo Women Reading a Letterca. 1860-612009.357View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman19th century2009.358View
UnknownPortrait of a Woman with Asian Costume19th century2009.359View
UnknownPortrait of Two Girls19th century2009.360View
UnknownView of a beachearly 20th century2009.361View
UnknownPortrait of a Man and a Woman on a Carriage19th century2009.362View
UnknownPortrait of Two Women19th century2009.363View
UnknownPortrait of a Manmid- to late-19th century2009.364View
UnknownPortrait of an Infantmid- to late-19th century2009.365View
Centennial Photographic Co.745 Agri Hall Main Avenue18762009.366View
Centennial Photographic Co.599 March Hall South Avenue from W End18762009.367View
Centennial Photographic Co.816 Birdseye View From Main Building18762009.368View
UnknownPortrait of Four Boys in Front of a House19th century2009.369View

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