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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
UnknownJasmine Tower, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.13View
UnknownAgra, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.14View
UnknownThe Unfinished Minar, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.15View
UnknownThe Archway, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.16View
UnknownThe Taj Mahal from the Fountain, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.17View
UnknownThe Taj Mahal from the River, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.18View
UnknownThe Hooseinabad Immambara, from " Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.19View
UnknownThe Tomb of Saadat-alli-Khan, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.20View
UnknownThe Chutter Munzil from the River, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.21View
UnknownThe Memorial Church, from " Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.22View
UnknownThe Memorial Well and Marble Statue by Carlo Marochetti, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.23View
UnknownAgra, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.24View
G. R. Lambert & Co.Post Office and Exchange, Singapore, from "Travel Album"after 18841989.62.27View
G. R. Lambert & Co.Cricket Pavilion on New Year's Day, Singapore, from "Travel Album"18901989.62.28View
UnknownE. & O. Hotel, Penang, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.29View
UnknownWaterfall, Penang, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.30View
UnknownGovernment House, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.31View
UnknownHigh Court, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.32View
UnknownMausoleum of the Emperor Himayoon, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.33View
UnknownUntitled, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.34View
UnknownViews of the Fort, Dehli Gate, Agra, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.35View
UnknownViews of the Fort, Lahore Gate, Agra, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.36View
UnknownThe Great Gate from the Village, Futtehpore Sickri, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.37View
UnknownThe mosque on the western side of the quadrangle, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.38View
UnknownFeeding the Monkey in the Monkey's Temple, Benares, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.39View
UnknownLa Martiniere, Lucknow, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.40View
UnknownThe Taj Mahal and Garden, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.41View
UnknownEntrance Door to the Interior of the Taj., from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.42View
UnknownThe Burmese Pagoda in the Eden Gardens, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.43View
UnknownAvenue of the Palm Trees at the Botanical Garden, Calcutta, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.44View
G. R. Lambert & Co.Cavanagh Bridge, from "Travel Album"ca. 19001989.62.45View
G. R. Lambert & Co.Impounding Reservoir, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.46View
UnknownAkbar Tomb, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.47View
UnknownMausoleum of Etmad Dowlat, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.48View
UnknownMarble screen enclosing sarcophogi in the interior of the Taj, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.49View
UnknownThe Marble Cupola of Etmad Dowlah, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.50View
UnknownDelhi, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.51View
UnknownThe Chousoh Chamba or 64 Pillared Hall, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.52View
UnknownThe Fort, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.53View
UnknownThe Dewan-l-Khass, from "Travel Album"late 19th century1989.62.54View
Käsebier, GertrudePortrait of Auguste Rodin19/20th century2000.0.5View
LowThe Steamer William Lawrence18722000.0.6View
Gibson, RalphUntitled, from the portfolio "Chiaroscuro"19722003.96.1View
Gibson, RalphUntitled, from the portfolio "Chiaroscuro"19722003.96.2View
Gibson, RalphUntitled, from the portfolio "Chiaroscuro"19722003.96.3View
Gibson, RalphUntitled, from the portfolio "Chiaroscuro"19732003.96.4View
Gibson, RalphUntitled, from the portfolio "Chiaroscuro"19752003.96.5View
Gibson, RalphUntitled, from the portfolio "Chiaroscuro"19762003.96.6View
Gibson, RalphUntitled, from the portfolio "Chiaroscuro"19792003.96.7View
Gibson, RalphUntitled, from the portfolio "Chiaroscuro"19802003.96.8View

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