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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Heins, GregSmyth's "Pisa and Easy Street" (detail), from the series "Ned Smyth Sitework"copyright 19801980.119.45View
Heins, GregDigging footings for Smyth's "Pisa and Easy Street", from the series "Ned Smyth Sitework"copyright 19801980.119.46View
Heins, GregNed Smyth's "Pisa and Easy Street", from the series "Ned Smyth Sitework"copyright 19801980.119.47View
Heins, GregNed Smyth's initial visit to site, from the series "Ned Smyth Sitework"copyright 19791980.119.48View
Heins, GregInstallation of Smyth's "Pisa and Easy Street", from the series "Ned Smyth Sitework"copyright 19801980.119.49View
Heins, GregPouring concrete for Ned Smyth's "Pisa and Easy Street", from the series "Ned Smyth Sitework"copyright 19801980.119.50View
UnknownBombay, India, Jan. 6th-12th, 1895ca. 1860-951989.68.29View
Bourne, SamuelView of the Government Buildings, Bombay India, Jan. 6th-12th, 1895ca. 18671989.68.28View
UnknownThe Hawa Mahal or Wind's Palace, Jeypore, Indiaca. 1860-951989.68.27View
UnknownUmber. General view of the Palace and Forts, Jeypore, Indiaca. 1860-951989.68.26View
UnknownThe Jumma Musjid and the Quadrangle, Delhi, Indiaca. 1860-951989.68.22View
Bourne, SamuelMarble Screen in the Sumon Burj or Queen's Baths, Delhi, Indialate 1860s1989.68.25View
UnknownThe Qutub Minar, Delhi, Indiaca. 1860-951989.68.23View
UnknownDiwan-i Khass or Private Audience Hall, Shahjahanabad Fort, Delhi, Indiaca. 1860-951989.68.24View
UnknownTomb of I'timad al-Daula, Agra, Indiaca. 1860-941989.68.21View
UnknownThe Taj Mahal seen from the River, Agra, India, Dec. 27th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.18View
UnknownThe Delhi Gate to the Fort, Agra, India, Dec. 27th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.16View
UnknownGateway of the Taj Mahal, Agra, India, Dec. 27th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.19View
UnknownThe Massacre Ghat, Cawnpore, India, Dec. 26th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.15View
UnknownPart of the Maidan, Calcutta, India, Dec. 16thca. 1860-941989.68.14View
UnknownTanjore, Southern India, Dec. 5th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.13View
UnknownView of the Great Srirangam Temple, Trichinopali, India, Dec. 5th, 189418941989.68.12View
Nicholas & Co.Trichinopali, Southern India, Dec. 4th, 1894ca. 1890-941989.68.11View
UnknownThe Highlands between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, Nov. 23, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.2View
UnknownHarbor and City of Colombo, Ceylon, Nov. 20th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.1View
UnknownThe Pavilion of the Sultana in the Fort, Agra, India, Dec. 27th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.17View
UnknownMarble screen enclosing sarcophagi in the interior of the Taj Mahal, Agra, India, Dec. 27th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.20View
UnknownSt. Thomas' Mount, India, Dec. 7th, 1894ca. 1860-941989.68.9View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Vue générale des Temples de Toutmès II & Ramsès III (Médinet-Abou) (View of the Temples of Thothmes II & Ramses III), Luxor, Egypt18951989.69.1View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Grotte du Nord (Northern Cave), Beni Hassan, Egypt18951989.69.2View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Vue prise dans la salle hypostyle (View from the Hypostyle Hall), Edfou Temple, Egypt18951989.69.3View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Pylone (Pylon), Edfou Temple, Egypt18951989.69.4View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Façade du Temple (Temple Facade), Edfou Temple, Egypt18951989.69.5View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Ptolémée et Cléopatre faisant offrande aux divinités (Ptolemy and Cleopatra making offerings to the gods), Edfou Temple, Egypt18951989.69.6View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Temple hypèthre de Tibère (Hypaethral Temple), Island of Philae, Egypt18951989.69.7View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Phylae (cour, portique, pylône & mamisi) (Phylae--courtyard, portico, pylon and mamisi), Island of Philae, Egypt18951989.69.8View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Assouan18951989.69.9View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Mosquée Mohamet Aly (Mosque of Mohamet-Ali), Cairo, Egypt18951989.69.10View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Rue de Touloun, Cairo, Egypt18951989.69.11View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Mosquée Mouhamed Aly (Interieur) (Interior of the mosque of Mohammed Ali), Cairo, Egypt18951989.69.12View
Sébah, J. PascalHotel du Nil (The Nile Hotel), Cairo, Egypt18951989.69.13View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Chameau laboureur (Camel ploughman)18951989.69.14View
Champagne, A. C.Exposition of 1889 (?), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.1View
Champagne, A. C.Arc de Triomphe, Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.2View
Champagne, A. C.Palais de l'Industrie (Palace of Industry), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.3View
Champagne, A. C.Colonne de juillet (July Column), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.4View
Champagne, A. C.Le Départ. Bas-relief de l'Arc de Triomphe (The Departure of the Volunteers), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.5View
Champagne, A. C.La Force. Bas-relief de l'Arc de Triomphe, Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.6View
Champagne, A. C.L'Immaculée conception, par Murillo (The Immaculate Conception by Murillo), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.7View
Champagne, A. C.Exposition of 1889 (?), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.8View

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