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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Mann, SallyThe Two Virginians19881999.13View
UnknownBoats on Río Pásig, Manila, Philippines1880s1999.21View
UnknownStudio portrait, Manila, Philippinesmid-1880s1999.20View
De Maria, WalterHard Core, from the portfolio "New York Collection for Stockholm"19731991.64.4View
Tripe, LinnaeusRyakotta #4: View Looking Back on the Fort from the Ruined Terrace, from "Photographic Views of Ryakotta and other places, in the Salem District"1858 (published 1860)1999.122View
Tseng, Kwong ChiParis, France19832000.17View
Van Der Zee, JamesUntitled (Harlem Parade)ca. 1930 (printed 1982)2000.1View
Sudek, JosefHorse Chestnut Trees in Bloom (The Photographer's Studio)19602000.32View
UnknownSlave with Childca. 18602000.30View
Maar, DoraLeonor Fini1930s2000.31View
Appelt, DieterDer Fleck auf dem Spiegel, den der Atemhauch schafft (The Mark on the Mirror Breathing Makes)19772000.33View
Alvarez Bravo, LolaLa Patrona (The Patroness)1960s2000.12View
Parks, GordonRed Jackson and Herbie Levy Study Wounds on Face of Slain Gang Member Maurice Gaines19482000.21View
Parks, GordonMalcolm X19632000.22View
Casebere, JamesThe Apse19962000.95View
Gruber, Aaronel deRoyHeadlands, San Francisco19972000.44View
Campos-Pons, Maria MagdalenaLa Sagrada Familia / Holy Family20002000.84.1.1-.3View
Campos-Pons, Maria MagdalenaLa Sagrada Familia / Holy Family20002000.84.2.1-.2View
Campos-Pons, Maria MagdalenaLa Sagrada Familia / Holy Family20002000.84.3.1-.3View
UnknownUntitled (Post-mortem image of a child)19th century2000.113View
Kelin, YangA Little Shop Opens Its Window19932000.117View
Wegman, WilliamIceberg19812000.114View
Durand, ArmandThe Friesland Horse1999.0.243View
Steinlen, Théophile AlexandreForced March, from the series "La guerre" (The War)ca. 19161975.13.24View
Durand, ArmandUntitled (Two Horses near the Sea)1999.0.242View
Durand, ArmandPoetry (after painting by Raphael)1999.0.241View
Greux, Gustave; Turner, Joseph Mallord William (after)Le Chateau de Kilgarren1999.0.235View
Post Wolcott, MarionSign in front of mountaineer's home announcing the end of the dispute or feud with one of his neighbors. Up Squabble Creek, near Buckhorn, Kentuckyca. 19402000.147View
Delano, JackMrs. Harvey who lost her husband in the last war is having to move out of her home in the Camp Croft area. She had been there with her sister and a young nephew. Near Whitestone, South 19412000.146View
Sander, AugustGirl in a circus caravan, Cologne, from the series "Menschen des 20er Jahrhunderts" (People of the 20th Century)1926 (printed 1991)2001.8View
Weston, EdwardArtichoke Halved19302000.0.1View
UnknownPulpit of S. Agata, Ravenna2000.0.2View
Freed, LeonardTwo Men with Policemen, New Yorkca. 19632000.150View
Daumier, HonoréPar consequance, je suis sure d'avoir prouve, que mon client etait trompe...., from the series "Actualities," published in "Le Charivari"1999.0.170View
Job (Jacques-Marie Gaston Onfray de Breville)Cercle Nationale pour le Soldat de Paris (National Club for Soldiers from Paris)20th century1975.13.33View
Cheffer, HenryJournées de Bourg-la-Reine, 31 octobre & 1er novembre 1915 - Au profit des oeuvres de la Commune (Bourg-la-Reine Days, 31 October and 1 November 1915. For the benefit of charities in the commune)19151975.13.64View
Scowen, Charles T.Tamil Woman, Ceylonca. 18802001.11View
UnknownGrain Cleaners, Ceylon (?)1860s2001.12View
UnknownPicnic in Ceylonca. 18702001.13View
Sammallahti, Pentii IlmariVaranasi, India19992001.14View
Connor, LindaThe Patient One, Lamayuru Monastery, Ladakh, India19882001.15View
Post Wolcott, MarionWinter Visitors, Sarasota Beach, Florida19412001.16View
Braun, AdolpheGlacier de Grindelwald, Switzerlandca. 18662001.17View
Evans, WalkerThe Brooklyn Bridgepublished 19942001.18.1-.13View
Alvarez Bravo, ManuelPortrait of Elsa Rogoca. 19322001.29View
Nixon, NicholasDonald and Nathaniel Perham, Milford, N.H., July 1987, from the series "People with AIDS"1987 (published 1991)1989.12.1View
Nixon, NicholasDonald Perham, Milford, N.H., December 1987, from the series "People with AIDS"1987 (published 1991)1989.12.2View
Nixon, NicholasNathaniel and Donald Perham, Milford, N.H., January 1988, from the series "People with AIDS"1988 (published 1991)1989.12.3View
Nixon, NicholasNathaniel and Donald Perham, Milford, N.H., March 1988, from the series "People with AIDS"1988 (published 1991)1989.12.4View

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