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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
White, Clarence HudsonIllustration to "Eben Holden," published in "Camera Work, No. 25"1905 (January 1909)1984.46.91View
White, Clarence HudsonLandscape--Winter, published in "Camera Work, No. 23"published July 19081984.46.92View
White, Clarence HudsonLetitia Felix, published in "Camera Work, No. 3"1901 (published July 1903)1984.46.93View
White, Clarence HudsonPortrait, Ms. Everett, published in "Camera Work, No. 23"published July 19081984.46.94View
White, Clarence HudsonEntrance to the Garden, published in "Camera Work, No. 23"published July 19081984.46.95View
White, Clarence HudsonThe Arbor, published in "Camera Work, No. 23"published July 19081984.46.96View
White, Clarence HudsonIllustration to "Beneath the Wrinkle," published in "Camera Work, No. 9"published January 19051984.46.97View
White, Clarence HudsonTelegraph Poles, published in "Camera Work, No. 3"published July 19031984.46.98View
Kühn, HeinrichWinter Landscape, published in "Camera Work, No. 33"published January 19111984.46.58View
Keiley, Joseph T.The Garden of Dreams, published in "Camera Work, No. 17"January 1901 (published January 1907)1984.46.57View
Rubinstein, EvaKentucky19721998.33View
Morath, IngeUntitled (Leo Tolstoy's Bedroom)n.d.1998.31View
Peck, MaryElwha River at Lake Mills, Olympic Peninsula, Washington19971998.32View
Rubinstein, EvaUntitled (Bedroom)19731998.34View
Smiley, KarenUntitled (Woman's I.D.)19751998.35View
Doisneau, RobertLe Petit Balcon, from the portfolio "Robert Doisneau"1953 (printed 1979)2003.90.1View
Doisneau, RobertL'Innocent, from the portfolio "Robert Doisneau"1949 (printed 1979)2003.90.2View
Doisneau, RobertLes Concièrges, Rue du Dragon, from the portfolio "Robert Doisneau"1946 (printed 1979)2003.90.3View
Doisneau, RobertBoulangerie, Rue de Poitou, from the portfolio "Robert Doisneau"1971 (printed 1979)2003.90.4View
Doisneau, RobertLes Helicoptères, from the portfolio "Robert Doisneau"1972 (printed 1979)2003.90.5View
Doisneau, RobertLa Musique des Puces, from the portfolio "Robert Doisneau"1944 (printed 1979)2003.90.6View
Doisneau, RobertLe Manège de Monsieur Barré, from the portfolio "Robert Doisneau"1955 (printed 1979)2003.90.7View
Doisneau, RobertLe Muguet du Métro, from the portfolio "Robert Doisneau"1953 (printed 1979)2003.90.8View
Mac Weeney, AlenWhite Horse, Donegal, Ireland, from the "Yeats Project"1965-19662003.91.1View
Mac Weeney, AlenWicklow Trees, Powerscourt, Ireland, from the "Yeats Project"1965-19662003.91.2View
Mac Weeney, AlenWillie Donoghue and Children, Cherry Orchard, from the "Travellers Project"1965-19662003.91.3View
Mac Weeney, AlenFlies in the Window, Castletown House, Ireland, from the "Yeats Project"1965-19662003.91.4View
Mac Weeney, AlenHorsewoman Sidesaddle, Wexford, Ireland, from the "Yeats Project"1965-19662003.91.5View
Mac Weeney, AlenThe Head of Blessed Oliver Plunkett, Ireland1965-19662003.91.6View
Mac Weeney, AlenNightwalkers, Dublin, Ireland1965-19662003.91.7View
Mac Weeney, AlenJoe Donoghue and Olivene, Cherry Orchard, from the "Travellers Project"1965-19662003.91.8View
Levitt, HelenMexico19411999.14View
Groover, JanUntitled19861999.2View
Groover, JanUntitled19861999.3View
Groover, JanUntitled19861999.4View
Groover, JanUntitled19861999.5View
Groover, JanUntitled19861999.6View
Simes And Campbell StudioCamp Zachary Taylor, Paris, Ohio19171999.113View
Palisa, JohannPhotographic Star Chart19031999.109View
Von Bruenchenhein, EugeneUntitled (Marie Von Bruenchenhein)ca. 1940s–mid-1950s1999.114View
Ackerman, MichaelUntitled (Dog on a Boardwalk)19921999.112View
Ackerman, MichaelUntitled (Old Jewish Man and Child)19931999.111View
Southworth, Albert Sands; Hawes, Josiah JohnsonPortrait of a Manca. 1850s1999.106View
Southworth, Albert Sands; Hawes, Josiah JohnsonPortrait of a Manca. 1850s1999.105View
Tseng, Kwong ChiNiagara Falls, New York19841999.119View
Hill, David Octavius; Adamson, RobertFishwifeca. 18441999.121View
Modica, AndreaTreadwell, NY1995 (published 1996)1999.12View
Johnson, RashidJonathan with Hands19991999.18View
Nixon, NicholasBoston Common19781999.11View
Nixon, NicholasFirst Street, Lakeland Florida19801999.10View

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