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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Demachy, RobertThe Seine at Clichy, published in "Camera Work" (October 1906)published 19061984.46.18View
Demachy, RobertStreet in Lisieux, published in "Camera Work" (October 1906)published 19061984.46.19View
De Meyer, Baron AdolfMrs. B. Potter, published in "Camera Work" (October 1908)published 19081984.46.20View
Zayas, Marius DeBenjamin de Casseres, published in "Camera Work" (January 1910)published 19101984.46.22View
Devens, MaryFerry, Concarneau, published in "Camera Work" (July 1904)published 19041984.46.21View
Zayas, Marius DeMadame Hanako, published in "Camera Work" (January 1910)published 19101984.46.23View
Hofmeister, Theodor; Hofmeister, OskarMeadow-brook, published in "Camera Work" (July 1904)published 19041984.46.24View
Eugene, FrankKimono, published in "Camera Work" (July 1910)published 19101984.46.25View
Eugene, FrankDirektor F. Goetz, published in "Camera Work" (July 1910)published 19101984.46.26View
Eugene, FrankFrau Ludwig von Hohlwein, published in "Camera Work" (July 1910)published 19101984.46.27View
Eugene, FrankPrincess Rupprecht and her Children, published in "Camera Work" (April 1910)published 19101984.46.28View
Eugene, FrankHortensia, published in "Camera Work" (July 1910)published 19101984.46.29View
Eugene, FrankMinuet, published in "Camera Work" (April 1910)published 19101984.46.30View
Eugene, FrankMaster Frank Jefferson, published in "Camera Work" (April 1910)published 19101984.46.31View
Eugene, FrankMan in Armor, published in "Camera Work" (April 1910)published 19101984.46.32View
French, Herbert G.Winged Victory, published in "Camera Work" (July 1909)published 19091984.46.33View
French, Herbert G.Egyptian Princess, published in "Camera Work" (July 1909)published 19091984.46.34View
French, Herbert G.Illustration #18, published in "Camera Work" (July 1909)published 19091984.46.35View
Bosworth, BarbaraSpot Where an Elk Slept, Yellowstone National Park19891996.42View
Walker, KathrynUntitled (The Red Fort, India)19951996.31View
Facchetti, PaulMark Tobey19651997.23View
Facchetti, PaulGeorges Mathieu19521997.24View
Annan, Thomas15. Close, No. 37 High Street1868-18771997.30View
Alvarez Bravo, LolaTríptico de los martirios I (Triptych of the Martyrs I)1949 (printed ca. 1975)1997.46.1View
Alvarez Bravo, LolaTríptico de los martirios III (Triptych of the Martyrs III)1949 (printed ca.1975)1997.46.2View
White, Clarence HudsonTwo Nude Figures and a Statue in the Woodsca. 1905-081997.48View
Friedlander, LeeHollywood, California19701997.49View
Álvarez Bravo, ManuelObrero en huelga, asesinado (Striking Worker, Assassinated)19341997.44View
McPhee, Laura; Beahan, VirginiaSomerset Tea Plantations and Flame Trees in the Jungle, Sri Lanka1993 (printed 2009)1997.50View
Neshat, ShirinWomen of Allah, from the portfolio "Way In Way Out"1994 (published 1996)1997.19.7View
UnknownIsola de Caprilate 19th century1997.41View
Abbott, BereniceRockefeller Center Under Construction19/20th century1997.39View
Close, ChuckLorna II19951997.28View
Disdéri, André Adolphe-EugèneMme. Cusanica. 18601997.47View
Senan y GonzalezGranada--Alhambra, Sala de las Dos Hermanas (Hall of the Two Sisters)19061997.42.1View
Senan y GonzalezGranada--Capilla Real, Sepulcro de los Reyes Católicoslate 19th-early 20th century1997.42.2View
Senan y GonzalezCórdoba--Interior de la Capilla Villaviciosa19061997.42.3View
Senan y GonzalezCórdoba--Capilla de San Fernando19061997.42.4View
Senan y GonzalezGranada--Alhambra, Patio de los Leones, desde el Templete de Ponienteca. 19061997.42.5View
Senan y GonzalezCórdoba--Interior del Corolate 19th-early 20th century1997.42.6View
UnknownEl Escorial--Sepulcro de los Duques de Montpensierca. 19061997.42.7View
Senan y GonzalezGranada--Alhambra, Sala del Tribunal de Justicia y Patio de los Leoneslate 19th-early 20th century1997.42.8View
UnknownMadrid--Palacio Real por la Plaza Orienteca. 19061997.42.9View
DeCarava, RoySun and Shade, New York19521998.7View
Bey, DawoudA Young Woman Waiting for the Bus, Syracuse, NY19851998.6View
Van Der Zee, JamesStopping In19361998.8View
Van Der Zee, JamesUNIA Assembly, Liberty Hall19261998.9View
Beato, AntonioMedinet Habouca. 1870s1998.11View
Henneberg, HugoPomeranian Motif, published in "Camera Work" (January 1906)1902 (published 1906)1984.46.36View
Henneberg, HugoVilla Torlonia, published in "Camera Work" (January 1906)1901 (published 1906)1984.46.37View

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