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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Winogrand, GarryFort Worth, Texas19741993.76View
Winogrand, GarryCastle Rock, Colorado19601993.77View
Winogrand, GarryNew York City19681993.78View
Lohmann, HelenSarah Bernhardtca. 19001994.58View
Bettle, W. H.Luxury Linerca. 1932-391994.59View
Abbott, BereniceWashington Square South Courtca. 1930s-1940s1994.57View
Lemieux, AnnetteSilencing Sound19891994.55View
Kumler, KiptonWells Cathedral, England, plate 2419721994.81View
O'Sullivan, Timothy H.Ridge of columnar trachyte, from the series "Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel"18671994.89View
Haynes, Frank JayWall Canyon of the Yellowstone1880s1994.80View
Cameron, Julia MargaretLa Santa Julia (Portrait of Julia Prinsep Jackson)18671973.20View
Barnard, George N.Rebel Works in Front of Atlanta, GA18641995.92View
Du Camp, MaximeIbsamboul: Sculptures de l’Entrée du Spéos de Phré1850 (published 1852)1995.11View
Roszak, TheodoreUntitledca. 1937-19391995.3View
Black, JudithLaura and Self (First Day of School)19801995.88View
Goldin, NanPiotr at Breakfast, Berlin19951995.48View
Smith, W. EugeneWatchful Attendant19511995.7View
Peck, MaryEverglades19861995.2View
Wegman, WilliamHole in One19891995.4View
Curtis, Edward SheriffGrinding Medicine--Zuni19251995.6View
Duclos, JulesPontes de Nantes, sur la Loireca. 18651995.12View
Solomon, RosalindMother & Daughter, Brighton Beach, NY19871995.13View
Nixon, NicholasClementine, Cambridge19931995.15View
Nixon, NicholasBebe and Clementine, Cambridge19861995.16View
Nixon, NicholasClementine19901995.17View
Levinstein, LeonBlack Man with Dollca. 19501995.91View
Thomson, JohnDealer in Fancy-Ware, from "Street Life in London"18721995.93View
bas-Cohain, RachelConstruct in Cord and Nails #119811995.29.1-.3View
Dorfman, ElsaEllie Baker and Linda Baker, July 11, 198619861996.4View
Dorfman, ElsaNia Parry, August 20, 199219921996.5View
Misrach, RichardDead Animals #29419871996.27View
Misrach, RichardDead Animals #45419881996.28View
Délié, Hippolyte; Béchard, HenriPanthéon, plate 4 from "Album du Musée Boulaq"published 1871-721996.35View
Lavenson, AlmaHaystacks19401996.36View
Abbott, C. YarnallShe had a Sword in her Lap as She sat down, from "Madame Butterfly" by John Luther Longpublished 19031984.46.1View
Abbott, C. YarnallSentinels, published in "Camera Work, No. 25"published January 19091984.46.2View
Annan, James CraigThe White House, published in "Camera Work, No. 32"published October 19101984.46.3View
Annan, James CraigThe Dark Mountains, published in "Camera Work, No. 8"published October 19041984.46.4View
Boughton, AliceNude, published in "Camera Work, No. 26"published April 19091984.46.5View
Brigman, Annie W.Dying Cedar, published in "Camera Work, No. 25"published January 19091984.46.6View
Cadby, William A.Under the Pines, published in "Camera Work, No. 6"published April 19041984.46.7View
Coburn, Alvin LangdonTrevi Fountain, Rome, published in "Camera Work, No. 21"1905 (published January 1908)1984.46.9View
Coburn, Alvin LangdonThe Road to Algeciras, published in "Camera Work, No. 21"1903 (published January 1908)1984.46.8View
Davison, GeorgeThe Long Arm, published in "Camera Work, No. 18"published April 19071984.46.11View
Davison, GeorgeIn a Village under the South Downs, published in "Camera Work, No. 18"published April 19071984.46.12View
Davison, GeorgeBerkshire Teams and Teamsters, published in "Camera Work, No. 18"published April 19071984.46.13View
Davison, GeorgeA Thames Locker, published in "Camera Work, No. 18"published April 19071984.46.14View
Davison, GeorgeOnion Field, published in "Camera Work, No. 18"1890 (published April 1907)1984.46.15View
Demachy, RobertBehind the Scenes, published in "Camera Work, No. 16"published October 19061984.46.16View
Demachy, RobertLa Vallée de la Touques (Touques Valley), published in "Camera Work, No. 16"published October 19061984.46.17View

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