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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Sheikh, FazalAlima Hassan Abdullai and her brother Mahmoud, feeding center, Somali refugee camp, Mandera, Kenya1992 (printed 2003)2004.17View
Sheikh, FazalSarura Yusuf Ali and her son Omar, feeding center, Somali refugee camp, Mandera, Kenya1992 (printed 2003)2004.18View
Sheikh, FazalFatuma Hussein Gulo and her sister Sharifa, feeding center, Somali refugee camp, Mandera, Kenya1992 (printed 2003)2004.19View
Sheikh, FazalOsman and Farid, blind "Quari" (one who knows the Koran by heart) brothers, Afghan refugee village, Nasirbagh, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan1996 (printed 2003)2004.20View
Sheikh, FazalGul Mohammed, Afghan refugee village, Khairabad, north Pakistan1998 (printed 2003)2004.21View
Sheikh, FazalHaji Nadir, Afghan refugee village, Khairabad, north Pakistan1998 (printed 2003)2004.22View
Sheikh, FazalAbdul Aziz holding a photograph of his brother, Mula Abdul Hakim, Afghan refugee village, Khairabad, north Pakistan1998 (printed 2003)2004.23View
Sheikh, FazalSaid Ali holding a photograph of his brother, Abdul Abdi, Afghan refugee village, Khairabad, north Pakistan1998 (printed 2003)2004.24View
Sheikh, FazalAbshiro Aden Mohammed, Women's Leader, Somali refugee camp, Dagahaley, Kenya2000 (printed 2003)2004.25View
Sheikh, FazalQurban Gul holding a photograph of her son Mula Awaz, Afghan refugee village, Khairabad, north Pakistan1998 (printed 2003)2004.26View
Sheikh, FazalFrom the water tower at Liboi, Kenya, looking east across the borderlands to Somalia1992 (printed 2003)2004.27.1-.5View
Kendall, Albert W.Native American Exhibit, from the series of the Chicago World's Fair, 189318931975.47.88View
Kendall, Albert W.Statue of Indian, from the series of the Chicago World's Fair, 189318931975.47.89View
Butzmann, ManfredERIEDEN1980-952004.81.1View
Butzmann, ManfredPEACE MNP1980-952004.81.2View
Butzmann, ManfredSchreib mal wieder!1980-952004.81.3View
Butzmann, ManfredUntitled1980-952004.81.4View
Butzmann, ManfredUntitled1980-952004.81.5View
Butzmann, Manfredzum Beispiel: Berlin-Panko, Schulstraße 61980-952004.81.6View
Butzmann, ManfredAbrusten!1980-952004.81.7View
Butzmann, Manfredzum Beispiel19822004.81.8View
Butzmann, ManfredHeimatkunde1980-952004.81.9View
Butzmann, Manfredzum Beispiel1980-952004.81.10View
Butzmann, ManfredHeimatkunde: Halle, Kleine Ulrichstraße19882004.81.11View
Butzmann, Manfredzum Beispiel19822004.81.12View
Butzmann, ManfredSchweißaktion am Müllcontainer/ in zusammenarbeit/ mit der Bildauerin Ursula Wolf "Kreuztraging''/ (am 19. Mai 1987)19872004.81.13View
Butzmann, ManfredViele Grüße aus Pankow1980-952004.81.14View
Butzmann, ManfredHeimatkunde: Berlin, am Marx-Engels-Denkmal19862004.81.15View
Butzmann, Manfredzum Beispiel1980-952004.81.16View
Butzmann, Manfredzum Beispiel: Warnemunde19832004.81.17View
Butzmann, Manfredzum Beispiel: Schleusingen19822004.81.18View
Butzmann, ManfredHeimatkunde: Meine Mutter verhaut mir immer andersrum (Berlin, 19. Jh)19852004.81.19View
Butzmann, Manfredzum Beispiel: Berlin-Pankow, Parkstraße19822004.81.20View
Rugg, Francis AugustusA Sunlit Corner of St. Trophime19182004.0.69View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiThe Boneyard, from the series "world wide"20042004.96.1View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiThe Bunker, from the series "world wide"20042004.96.2View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiRoyal Palace, Kabul, from the series "world wide"20042004.96.3View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiDump, from the series "world wide"20042004.96.4View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiRuined Palace, Darul Aman from the series "world wide"20042004.96.5View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiBunker Wall, from the series "world wide"20042004.96.6View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiRuined Monument, from the series "world wide"20042004.96.7View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiGraveyard, from the series "world wide"20042004.96.8View
Langlands, Ben; Bell, NikkiBlack Hawks, from the series "world wide"20042004.96.9View
Bush, AndrewWoman Caught in Traffic While Heading Southwest on Highway 101 near Woodland Hills Exit, San Fernando Valley CA at 5:38p.m. in the Summer of 1989, from the series "Vector Portraits"1989 (printed 1991)2004.108View
Bush, AndrewWoman Travelling 61 mph on Highway #101 near Santa Barbara CA at 4:39 p.m. Sometime in March 1990, from the series "Vector Portraits"1990 (printed 1994)2004.109View
Bush, AndrewMan Travelling Southwest at 67mph on Interstate 5 Outside of Fort Hills, CA at 3:14pm in Late January 1992, from the series "Vector Portraits"1992 (printed 1994)2004.110View
McPhee, LauraElk Quartered and Boned near Milky Creek, White Cloud Mountains, Idaho, from the series "River of No Return"2004 (printed 2008)2005.8View
Thomas & Julian RustPortrait of an Indian Prince19272005.14View
UnknownThe Maharajah of Jodhpur2005.15View
Levitt, HelenNew Yorkca. 19402005.16View

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