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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
G. Lékégian & Cie.Mosquée Mouhamed Aly (Interieur) (Interior of the mosque of Mohammed Ali), Cairo, Egypt18951989.69.12View
Sébah, J. PascalHotel du Nil (The Nile Hotel), Cairo, Egypt18951989.69.13View
G. Lékégian & Cie.Chameau laboureur (Camel ploughman)18951989.69.14View
Champagne, A. C.Exposition of 1889 (?), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.1View
Champagne, A. C.Arc de Triomphe, Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.2View
Champagne, A. C.Palais de l'Industrie (Palace of Industry), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.3View
Champagne, A. C.Colonne de juillet (July Column), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.4View
Champagne, A. C.Le Départ. Bas-relief de l'Arc de Triomphe (The Departure of the Volunteers), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.5View
Champagne, A. C.La Force. Bas-relief de l'Arc de Triomphe, Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.6View
Champagne, A. C.L'Immaculée conception, par Murillo (The Immaculate Conception by Murillo), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.7View
Champagne, A. C.Exposition of 1889 (?), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.8View
Champagne, A. C.Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.9View
Champagne, A. C.Palais-Royal. Le Jardin (Palais-Royal. The Garden), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.10View
Champagne, A. C.Church of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois on Place du Louvre, Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.11View
Photographic Warehouse; Tocqué, Louis (after)Portrait de Marie Leczinska, par L. Tocquélate 19th century1989.70.12View
Champagne, A. C.Exposition 1889. Galerie des Beaux Arts.late 19th century1989.70.13View
Champagne, A. C.Panorama de Paris. Vue prise au sud de l'Opéra. (Panorama of Paris. View looking south of the Opera.)late 19th century1989.70.14View
Photographic WarehouseSalon des Pendules, Versailleslate 19th century1989.70.15View
Photographic Warehouse; Vigée-Le Brun, Elisabeth Louise (after)La Paix ramenant l'Abondance) (Peace Bringing Back Abundance)late 19th century1989.70.16View
Champagne, A. C.Perspective de la Place du Carrousel, des Tuileries et des Champs-Élysées (View of the Place du Carrousel, the Tuileries, and the Champs- Élysées), Paris, Francelate 19th century1989.70.17View
Champagne, A. C.Le sacre de Napoleon 1er, par David (Coronation of Napoleon by J.-L. David)late 19th century1989.70.18View
UnknownMilano, Dettaglio della Cattedrale (Detail of the cathedral in Milan)late 19th century1989.71.1View
UnknownMilano, Monumento a Leonardo da Vinci (Magni fece) (Monument to Leonardo de Vinci by Pietro Magni, Milan)late 19th century1989.71.2View
UnknownCadavere di donna (Corpse of a woman, Pompeii)late 19th century1989.71.3View
UnknownCalisto and the Nymphs, painting by Titian, San Luca Gallery, Romelate 19th century1989.71.4View
Sommer, GiorgioRigibahn, Switzerlandlate 19th century1989.71.6View
UnknownVia Appia (Appian Way)late 19th century1989.71.7View
UnknownTerme di Caracalla (Baths of Caracalla)late 19th century1989.71.8View
Brogi, GiacomoIl Cenacolo, celebre fresco di Leonardo da Vinci (The Last Supper, famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci, Milan, near S. Maria delle Grazie)late 19th century1989.71.9View
UnknownCortile del Palazzo Vecchio (Courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence)late 19th century1989.71.10View
UnknownInterno della sala del Moribondo (Interior of the Hall of the Dying), Museo Capitolinolate 19th century1989.71.11View
UnknownSala degli Animali (Hall of Animals), Vatican Museum, Romelate 19th century1989.71.12View
UnknownGreucante, Perseo & Damosseno, Vatican Museumlate 19th century1989.71.13View
UnknownGli Uffizi con Palazzo Vecchio (The Uffizi with Palazzo Vecchio), Florencelate 19th century1989.71.14View
UnknownPalazzo Pitti (Pitti Palace), Florencelate 19th century1989.71.15View
Brogi, GiacomoThe "Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, Milan (near S. Maria delle Grazie)late 19th century1989.71.16View
UnknownThe Transfiguration, painting by Raphael, Pinocoteca Vaticano, Romelate 19th century1989.71.17.1View
UnknownMary Magdalene by Giuseppe B. Chiarilate 19th century1989.71.17.2View
UnknownBacco e Ariana (Bacchus and Arianna), painting by Guido Reni, Galleria S. Luca, Romelate 19th century1989.71.18View
Salviati, PaoloChiesa S. Marco (Basilica San Marco, Venice)late 19th century1989.71.19View
UnknownGalleria del Museo Borghese (Borghese Museum Gallery)late 19th century1989.71.20View
UnknownPorta della Carta, Palazzo Ducale, Venicelate 19th century1989.71.21View
Salviati, PaoloSala del Senato (porta) (The Door of the Senate-House Room, Venice)late 19th century1989.71.22View
UnknownStrada del Molo e Castello Sant'Elmo (Pier road and Sant'Elmo Fortress), Napleslate 19th century1989.71.23View
UnknownSarcofago, Battaglia delle Amazzone (Sarcophagus with panel of the Battle of the Amazons), Vatican Museum, Romelate 19th century1989.71.24View
UnknownBernini's Pietà in S. Giovannilate 19th century1989.71.25View
UnknownVersante della ferrovia funicolare sul Vesuvio (The Slope of Funicular Railway on Vesuvius), near Napleslate 19th century1989.71.26View
Salviati, PaoloPiazzetta e Orologio (Piazza and Clocktower, Venice)late 19th century1989.71.27View
UnknownMichelangelo's Moseslate 19th century1989.71.28View
Salviati, PaoloCortile nel Palazzo ducale (Courtyard in the Ducal Palace, Venice)late 19th century1989.71.29View

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