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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
UnknownBowl1300-1500 C.E.1940.10View
UnknownPottery Stamp1940.12View
UnknownBowl1300-1500 C.E.1940.11View
UnknownSpindle Whirl700-15001940.9.cView
UnknownSpindle Whirl700-15001940.9.bView
UnknownSpindle Whirl700-15001940.9.aView
UnknownMan with Musical Instruments18th century1937.5View
UnknownSeal, Chaldony, Late1937.4View
UnknownMosaic Floor from the Villa of DaphneImperial period, 5th century C.E.1936.33View
UnknownPottery Lamp1936.10View
UnknownMoorish Mug16th century1935.7View
UnknownFragment of mosaic from Atrium House dining roomImperial period, 2nd century C.E.1933.10View
UnknownLekythosHellenistic period, 4th century B.C.E.1931.42View
UnknownEffigy bottle300-700 C.E.1931.43View
UnknownCeremonial Bowl1931.41View
UnknownMugLate Geometric period, 760-740 B.C.E.1929.1View
UnknownSkyphosCorinthian period, 7th century B.C.E.1919.4View
UnknownKylixGreek period, 600-200 B.C.E.1911.28View
UnknownNereid Riding a Marine Horse4th century C.E.1902.2View
UnknownCaptive Being Flayedca. 645-640 B.C.E.1883.1View
UnknownBlack-Figure Lekythos: Warriors arming themselvesLate Archaic period, late 6th century B.C.E.1942.1View
UnknownPointed AryballosLate Proto-Corinthian, 650-625 B.C.E.1944.4View
UnknownExaleiptronArchaic period, ca. 560-520 B.C.E.1944.8.a-.bView
UnknownBowlca. 2400 B.C.E.1944.9View
UnknownDing ware foliate dish: Phoenixes and peoniesJin Dynasty, 12th-13th century1946.4View
UnknownDing Ware BowlJin Dynasty, 1115-12341946.5View
UnknownJar and Cover (Hawthorne)20th century1946.6View
UnknownVase in Kangxi revival styleQing dynasty, 19th century1946.8View
UnknownKoro-Style Incense BurnerQing Dynasty, 19th-20th century1946.9.a-.bView
UnknownKoro Style Incense Burner1946.10.a-.bView
UnknownBlue Bowl with Floral Design in Black1946.11View
UnknownSmall Round Red Bowlmodern1946.14.1View
UnknownSmall Round Red Bowlmodern1946.14.2View
UnknownSmall Round Red Bowlmodern1946.14.3View
UnknownGold Lacquer Box with Two Smaller Boxes Within1946.15.aView
UnknownCeladon BowlKoryô Dynasty, late 13th century1946.19View
UnknownBowl with Lotus DesignSong Dynasty, 11th-12th century1947.1View
UnknownCarved Foliate Dish with a Pair of PhoenixesNorthern Song or Jin dynasty, 11th-12th century1947.2View
UnknownTea Bowl12th-13th century1947.3View
UnknownOrnamental Bossca. 1325-301949.19.1View
UnknownTwo Saintsca. 1240-501949.19.2View
UnknownCensing angel, from the Collegiate Church of Saint-Étienne, Troyesca. 1170-11801949.19.3View
UnknownGroup of apostles, from the Church of Saint-Fargeau, Yonneca. 1250-551949.19.4View
UnknownKothon7th-6th century B.C.E.1950.22.aView
UnknownAryballos: Quatrefoil designCorinthian, ca. 560 B.C.E.1950.22.bView
UnknownPyxisCorinthian period, 600-575 B.C.E.1950.22.cView
UnknownComposite animal mask19th-20th century1953.6View
UnknownWine vessel (Hu)4th century B.C.E.1953.13View

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