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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
UnknownSmall Round Red Bowlmodern1946.14.1View
UnknownSmall Round Red Bowlmodern1946.14.2View
UnknownSmall Round Red Bowlmodern1946.14.3View
UnknownGold Lacquer Box with Two Smaller Boxes Within1946.15.aView
UnknownFinial with Parrots, Snake, Tiger1972.53View
UnknownTeapot with Dragon Spout and Handleca. 17701983.19View
UnknownPlate of a Thousand Heads20th century2002.0.30View
Sakaida Kakiemon XIV (Born Sakaida Masashi)Nigoshi-de Dish with Weeping Cherry Designca. 19911994.4View
Tokuda Yasokichi IIIVaseca. 19931994.5View
Matsukata, MiyeJaniye Spoon2001.4View
UnknownRed and Gold Bowl1975.102.20View
UnknownHaniwa Tomb Figure of a Soldierlate Kofun Period, 300-7102006.79View
UnknownGinger Jar2002.0.213View
UnknownGold Lacquer Box with Two Smaller Boxes Within1946.15.bView
UnknownGold Lacquer Box with Two Smaller Boxes Within1946.15.cView
Yamato YasuoCeramic Box2008.455View
Shimaoka, TazuoSquare Plate with Incised Rope Designca. 19702018.168View
Munakata, ShikoLandscape19601973.80View
Nozaki YukokuCalligraphy Screen19941994.6View
Utagawa Kunisada (attributed to)Woman and Child19th century1970.34View
UnknownMountain Landscape with Figures20th century1999.0.464View
Naito, RakukoUntitled19962005.109View
UnknownJapanese screen2007.108View
UnknownDaikoku Shaving FukurokujuLate 18th century2014.6View
UnknownWorkers at a beach houseLate Edo Period, 18th/19th century2014.8View
UnknownArrival at Beach HouseLate Edo Period, 18th/19th century2014.9View
Naito, RakukoTadaaki19982016.148View
UnknownManuscript on Silk Brocade Binding19th century1986.101View
UnknownScroll Painting: Two Birds in Flowering BranchU.97View
Arakawa, ShusakuImpressionable Stretching1977-782003.140View
Collection shells on the beach2008.0.4View
UnknownSeated NobleLate Edo Period, 19th century2014.7.1View
UnknownSeated NobleLate Edo Period, 19th century2014.7.2View
Tsunenobu, KanōHorse1636-17132016.165View
Tsunenobu, KanōHorses1636-17132016.166View
Hidesaburo, Usui (?)Tonomine, Pagoda of Kamatari1865-751983.24.43View
Kimbei, KusakabeA Buddhist Procession1865-751983.24.2View
UnknownMail RunnerMeiji period, 1865-751983.24.16View
Uchida KuichiEmpress Haruko (posthumously known as Empress Shōken, consort of Meiji, Emperor of Japan)18721983.24.22View
Hidesaburo, UsuiDancers1865-751983.24.23View
Hidesaburo, UsuiPilgrims1865-751983.24.28View
Hidesaburo, Usui (?)Tonosawaafter 18811983.24.55View
Hidesaburo, UsuiBig Bell at Kyoto1870-821983.24.56View
Hidesaburo, Usui (?)Nikkō Tōshōgū1865-751983.24.75View
Hidesaburo, Usui (?)Red Lacquered Bridge, Nikko1865-751983.24.79View
Hidesaburo, Usui (?)Red Laquered Bridge at Nikko1865-751983.24.80View
Ogawa, KazumasaDaibutsu (the Great Buddha) of Kamakura1865-751983.24.93View

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