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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
UnknownCover of a Pyxis: Heads of two womenHellenistic period, 4th-3rd century B.C.E.1954.1.bView
UnknownRed-figure skyphos: Lion/Seated womanLate Classical period, 4th century B.C.E.1962.36View
UnknownRed-Figure Skyphos of Bacchante and Mantled Youth4th century C.E.1962.37View
UnknownOrnamental Lock2nd half of the 16th century1965.15View
UnknownRed-Figure Pelike: Youth and Maiden / Satyr and young womanClassical period, 450 B.C.E.1969.17.3View
UnknownGnathian ware cuplate 5th century B.C.E.1972.32View
UnknownPyxis and Lid4th century B.C.E.1973.57View
UnknownBaby feeder5th-4th century B.C.E.1986.204View
UnknownGnathian Ware Pitcher3rd century B.C.E.1976.38View
UnknownGnathian Ware Bowl3rd century B.C.E.1976.39View
UnknownCoin of Terentum: Taras riding dolphin/Figure riding horse280 B.C.E.1961.11.aView
UnknownRed-Figured Kylix with a Woman's Facemodern2002.0.164View
Painter of the Berlin Dancing GirlRed-Figure Calyx-Krater:Battle SceneClassical period, 440-420 B.C.E.1976.42View
Piazzetta, Giovanni Battista (follower of)Head of a Boy18th century1941.1.17View
Bartolozzi, FrancescoFemale Portrait18th century1941.1.8View
UnknownHalf-Length Figure of the Virgin17th century1941.1.11View
Luti, Benedetto (attributed to)Madonna and Childca. 17001941.1.6View
UnknownJuno Ordering Argus to Watch Io1st half of the 18th century1941.1.4View
Zuccari (circle of)Man Inclinedca. 16001941.1.2View
Baroni, AntonioJupiter Conveys the Reign of the Air to Juno1744 (?)1941.1.19View
Miniera, BiagioSt. Paul Appears to St. Thomas Aquinas Showing Him the Holy Writ18th century1941.1.26View
Brusaferro, GirolamoThe Story of Cecrops18th century1941.1.28View
Della Bella, StefanoSeascape (Harbor Scene)17th century1941.1.46View
UnknownArchitectural Drawing18th century1941.1.47View
UnknownStudy of a Head1941.1.48View
Titian (school of)Rocks and Bushes17th century1949.7View
UnknownSketch for a Mural Decorationca. 17001949.9View
Ricci, MarcoLandscape with Approaching StormLate 1720s1949.11View
Tiepolo, Giovanni BattistaTwo Nudes in a Landscapeca. 17231958.8View
Boccacci, MarcelloPainting: 4 Figures1959.37View
Cesari, Giuseppe, Called Il Cavaliere D'arpinoThe Holy Family with a Male Saintca. 16001960.9View
Severini, GinoStudy for Armoured Train19141960.57View
Balla, GiacomoMobile Smontabile, Design 819161961.28View
UnknownPsalm of David14601962.19View
Chirico, Giorgio deCavalier on Horseback19301962.46View
UnknownThree Draped Male Figuresearly 16th century1963.27View
UnknownTwo Male Figures16th century1963.30View
GuercinoFigure of Christca. 16441963.33View
Pietro Da Cortona (Pietro Berrettini)Allegorical Design for a Fresco17th century1963.34View
Gandolfi, UbaldoVirgin, Child, and God the Father with Saint Josephca. 17751963.35View
Carracci, Agostino (after)Assumption of the Virgin17th or 18th century1964.54View
UnknownRiver God16th century1966.12View
UnknownCouple in a Garden1966.25.1View
UnknownHead of an Old Man1966.25.3View
UnknownChrist Healing a Sick Child1966.25.4View
UnknownStudy of Hands1966.25.5View
UnknownRoman Military Procession1966.25.6View
UnknownKnight Resting1966.25.8View
UnknownVirgin and Dead Christ18th or 19th century1966.25.9View
UnknownEntombment18th century1966.25.10View

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