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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Maza, FernandoUntitled19702019.1208View
Bonevardi, MarceloUntitled19662019.1209View
Porter, LilianaSimulaciones con espacio gris (Simulations with Gray Space)19952007.48.a-.cView
Grilo, SarahUntitledca. 19702008.464View
Grilo, SarahUntitledca. 19702008.465View
Grilo, SarahUntitledca. 1970s2008.466View
Pastorino Díaz, EstebanMatadero, Carhué (Slaughterhouse, Carhué), from the series "Salomone"20012008.449View
Pastorino Diaz, EstebanShinjuku #2 [Japan]20052008.450View
Stern, GreteSueño 26, Llamada (Dream 26, Telephone Call)19492012.9View
D'Amico, AliciaRenée Epelbaum en su casa (Renée Epelbaur in her Home)19882018.279View
D'Amico, AliciaLuis, Claudio y Lila, hijos de Renée Epelbaum, desaparecidos (Luis, Claudio, and Lila, the Disappeared Children of Renée Epelbaum),19882018.280View
D'Amico, AliciaMadres de Plaza de Mayo (Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo)19832018.281View
Kuitca, GuillermoUntitled19932001.53.1View
Kuitca, GuillermoUntitled19932001.53.2View
Kuitca, GuillermoUntitled19932001.53.3View
Kuitca, GuillermoUntitled19932001.53.4View
Kuitca, GuillermoUntitled19932001.53.5View
Saunier, HectorForest19762009.466View
Saunier, HectorForest (B&W Proof)19742009.467View
Saunier, HectorNID19772009.501View
Rabinovich, RaquelP/C , from the portfolio "American Abstract Artists 50th Anniversary"19872008.193.33View
Rebuffo, VictorEl Pan (Bread)19362006.47View
Rebuffo, VictorSouthern Cross Cafe Concert19402006.48View
Rebuffo, VictorPor la Victoria (For Victory)19412006.49View
Rebuffo, VíctorLos Cables (The Cables)19432006.50View
Rebuffo, VictorMusica de la Aldea (Music of the Village)19432006.51View
Rebuffo, VíctorLa Madre (The Mother)19432006.52View
Rebuffo, VíctorLiberación (Liberation)19432006.53View
Rebuffo, VíctorEl Comentario (The Comment)19472006.54View
Berni, AntonioRamona aprendiz or Ramona pupila (Ramona the Apprentice or Ramona the Student), from the series "Ramona Montiel y sus amigos (Ramona Montiel and Her Friends)"19632006.177View
Berni, AntonioRamona costurera (Ramona the Seamstress), from the series "Ramona Montiel y sus amigos (Ramona Montiel and Her Friends)"19632006.178View
Batlle Planas, JuanUntitled19472007.86View
Sergi, SergioEl anónimo (The Anonymous One)19392007.87View
Vigo, Abraham ReginoEl religioso (The Religious One or The Blessed)19202007.88View
Vigo, Abraham ReginoA falta de pan … (For Lack of Bread …)19362007.89View
Vigo, Abraham ReginoOnda corta (Short Wave)19402007.90View
Ferrari, LeónAutopista del Sur (Southern Highway)1982/20052008.187View
Ferrari, LeónRua19802008.188View
Ferrari, LeónCuadrado1982, signed 20082009.22View
Ferrari, LeónCamas19822009.23View
Ferrari, LeónAutopista del Sur19802009.24View
Ferrari, LeónTablero19822009.25View
Ferrari, LeónDuas Ruas19812009.26View
Ferrari, LeónRond Point I (autos)19812009.27View
Ferrari, LeónEspectadores reciprocos1981/20082009.28View
Ferrari, LeónPasarelas1981/20082009.29View
Ferrari, LeónEscritura20082009.30View
Ferrari, LeónDestino1982/20072009.31View
Ferrari, LeónCidade1980/20082009.32View
Ferrari, LeónSin Titulo1986/20082009.33View

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