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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Watt, MarieCompanion Species (What’s Going On)20172018.154View
Watt, MarieCompanion Species (Anthem)20172018.155View
Fitsch, Eugene C.L' Argentina, Spanish Danceca. 19292018.156View
Rathbone, AugustaLa Turbie, French Rivieraca. 19382018.151View
Whistler, James McNeillLa Grande Galerie of the Louvre18942018.132View
Ellis, SteveBig Candy Apple20102018.170View
Lawrence, JacobThe Legend of John Brown19772015.62.23.1-.2View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown, a man who had a fanatical belief that he was chosen by God to overthrow black slavery in America, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.1View
Lawrence, JacobFor forty years John brown reflected on the hopeless and miserable condition of the slaves, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.2View
Lawrence, JacobFor twelves years John Brown engaged in land speculations and wool merchandising. All this to make some money for his greater work which was the abolishment of slavery., from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.3View
Lawrence, JacobHis ventures failing him, he accepted poverty, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.4View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown, while tending his flock in Ohio, first communicated with his sons and daughters his plans of attacking slavery by force, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.5View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown formed an organization among the colored people of the Adirondack woods to resist the capture of any fugitive slaves, from the portfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.6View
Lawrence, JacobTo the people he found worthy of trust, he communicated his plans, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.7View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown's first thought of the place where he would make his attack came to him while surveying land for Oberlin College in West Virginia, 1840, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.8View
Lawrence, JacobKansas was now the skirmish ground of the Civil War, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.9View
Lawrence, JacobThose pro-slavery were murdered by those anti-slavery, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.10View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown took to guerrilla warfare, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.11View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown's victory at Black Jack drove those pro-slavery to new fury, and those who were anti-slavery to new efforts, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.12View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown, after long meditation, planned to fortify himself somewhere in the mountains of Virginia or Tennessee and there make raids on surrounding plantations, freeing slaves, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.13View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown collected money from sympathizers and friends to carry out his plans, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.14View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown made many trips to Canada organizing for his assault on Harper's Ferry, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.15View
Lawrence, JacobIn spite of a price on his head, John Brown in 1859 liberated twelve negroes from a Missouri plantation, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.16View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown remained a full winter in Canada, drilling negroes for his coming raid on Harper's Ferry, from the porfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.17View
Lawrence, JacobJuly 3, 1859 John Brown stocked an old barn with guns and ammunition. He was ready to strike his first blow at slavery, from the portfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.18View
Lawrence, JacobSunday, October 16, 1859. John Brown with a company of 21 men, white and black, marched on Harper's Ferry, from the portfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.19View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown held Harper's Ferry for twelve hours. His defeat was a few hours off, from the portfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.20View
Lawrence, JacobAfter John Brown's capture, he was put on trial for his life in Charles Town, Virginia (now West Virginia), from the portfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.21View
Lawrence, JacobJohn Brown was found "guilty of treason and murder in the first degree" and was hanged in Charles Town, Virginia, on December 2, 1859, from the portfolio "The Legend of John Brown"19772015.62.22View
Leslie, AlfredUntitled, from the book "1¢ Life"19642018.221View
Carlson, AndreaAnti-Retro20182019.30View
Birk, SandowThe Horrible & Terrible Deeds & Words of the Very Renowned Trumpagruel20172019.21.1-.12View
Ali, LaylahComfort with Rage20182018.226View
Kainen, JacobBlue Curtain19792018.230View
Scholder, FritzHopi Dancers2018.232View
Bleckner, RossUntitled19872018.237View
Eichenberg, FritzWeep No More2019.34View
Armendariz, RichardThe Messenger (Blue)20182018.305View
Armendariz, RichardSleeping Ophelia (Blue)20182018.306View
Cabrera, MargaritaIron Will20132018.307View
Gatson, RicoHarriet20182019.31View
Catlett, ElizabethDanys y Liethis20052019.33View
Eichenberg, FritzDay Care Center2019.35View
Eichenberg, FritzStalemate2019.36View
Dine, JimGlyptotek19882018.282View
Auerbach, Lisa AnneSnowflake20182019.5View
Guerrero-Maciá, DianaThe Beautiful Girls No. 120182019.6.1View
Woolfalk, SayaPlate 1 from the series "Encyclopedia of Cloud Divination"20182018.304.1View
Leighton, ClareThe Crinoline, illustration from "The Half Loaf"19252019.15View
Leighton, ClareQuahaus Raker2019.13View

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