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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Picasso, PabloYoung Wood Owl19521993.45View
Picasso, PabloVallauris Plate2006.43View
Picasso, PabloSmall Owl Jug (A. Ramié 293)19552014.37View
Picasso, PabloBouquet à la Pomme (A. Ramié 303)19562014.38View
Picasso, PabloChouette (Young Wood Owl) (A. Ramié 135)19522014.39View
Picasso, PabloVase au bouqet (A. Ramié 303)19562014.40View
Picasso, PabloStudies for the Head of a Man19081952.6View
Picasso, PabloMan with Pipe1914-151959.47View
Picasso, PabloPeintre et Modele Tricotant, plate 4 from "Le Chef-d'Oeuvre Inconnu"19271951.5View
Picasso, PabloNature Morte au compotier (Still life with fruit dish)19091956.21View
Picasso, PabloDeux Figures Nues19091957.29View
Picasso, PabloScene d'Interieur19261957.43View
Picasso, PabloPeintre au travail observé par un modèle nu (Painter at Work Observed by a Nude Model)19271960.17View
Picasso, PabloFleurs dans un Verre, #619471960.18View
Picasso, PabloL'Eguyere19601962.28View
Picasso, PabloContree19431962.29View
Picasso, PabloIllustration for le Chef d'Oeuvre Inconnu de Balzac19311964.4View
Picasso, PabloLa Ronde (Dance of Peace)19611964.13View
Picasso, PabloNature Morte1924-611964.18View
Picasso, PabloIllustration from "Six Contest Fantasques"19531964.34View
Picasso, PabloL'Homme au Chapeau, from "Du Cubisme"19471966.24.aView
Picasso, PabloCorrida.Le Picador.19491968.78View
Picasso, PabloLe Belier1941-421979.76View
Picasso, PabloPaloma and Claude19501979.77View
Picasso, PabloCombat pour Andromede Entre Persee et Phinee19301979.78View
Picasso, PabloVallauris 1956 Toros1979.79View
Picasso, PabloLysistrata1981.20View
Picasso, PabloScene d'Interieur19261981.50View
Picasso, PabloLe Chardonneret19421986.59View
Picasso, PabloLes Trois Baigneuses1922-231991.9View
Picasso, PabloDon Luis de Gongora y Argote, from "Peintre-Graveur"ca. 19521996.43View
Picasso, PabloBuste Moderne Style1949EL.1957.41View
Picasso, PabloTete d'Homme a la Pipe (Head of Man with a Pipe)19122004.50View
Picasso, PabloSueño y mentira de Franco (Dream and Lie of Franco)19372005.42.1-.4View
Picasso, PabloSueño y mentira de Franco (Dream and Lie of Franco)19372008.0.30View
Picasso, PabloUntitledIGAS.1968.11View
Picasso, PabloUntitledIGAS.1968.5View
Picasso, PabloFemme nue devant une statue (Nude in front of a statue), plate 6 from the Vollard Suiteca. 19312016.430View
Picasso, PabloPlate 2 from the portfolio "Sueño y mentira de Franco" (Dream and Lie of Franco)19372005.42.3View
Picasso, PabloPlate I from the portfolio "Sueño y mentira de Franco" (Dream and Lie of Franco)19372005.42.4View
Picasso, PabloText pages (recto and verso), from "Sueño y mentira de Franco (Dream and Lie of Franco)"19372005.42.2View
Picasso, PabloPortfolio cover for "Sueño y mentira de Franco (Dream and Lie of Franco)"19372005.42.1View