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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Beham, Hans SebaldPeasant and His Wife16th century1941.6.aView
Beham, Hans SebaldChrist before Caiphas, from the series "The Passion"1st half of the 16th century1962.6.1View
Beham, Hans SebaldTwo Couples and a Buffoon1st half of the 16th century1962.6.2View
Beham, Hans SebaldCoat of Arms with Eagle1962.6.3View
Beham, Hans SebaldStandard-Bearer and Drummer1st half of the 16th century1962.6.4View
Beham, Hans SebaldMadonna with the Pear15201962.6.5View
Beham, Hans SebaldCimon and Peroca. 15181965.46View
Beham, Hans SebaldThe Lady and Death15411977.50View
Beham, Hans SebaldKnowledge of God1981.11.1View
Beham, Hans SebaldPrudence1981.11.2View
Beham, Hans SebaldCharity1981.11.3View
Beham, Hans SebaldJustice1981.11.4View
Beham, Hans SebaldFaith1981.11.5View
Beham, Hans SebaldHope1981.11.6View
Beham, Hans SebaldFortitude1981.11.7View
Beham, Hans SebaldTemperance1981.11.8View
Beham, Hans SebaldThe Last Supper, from the series "The Passion"1st half of the 16th century1982.28View
Beham, Hans SebaldThe Coat of Arms of Hector Pomer16th century1994.36View
Beham, Hans SebaldCouple Dancing, from the series "The Wedding Procession"15371977.76View
Beham, Hans SebaldPeasant and His Wife16th century1941.6.bView
Beham, Hans SebaldCoat of Arms of H.S. Beham15442005.143View
Beham, Hans SebaldCoat of Arms with a Lion15442005.144View
Beham, Hans SebaldTriumphal Procession15492007.160View
Beham, Hans SebaldCimon and Pero15442013.121View
Beham, Hans SebaldMisfortune15412013.122View
Beham, Hans SebaldOrnament with Two Genni Riding on Two Chimeras (Les deux genies)15442016.502View
Beham, Hans SebaldThe Wedding at Canaca. 15202016.506View