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ArtistTitleDate MadeObject No.
Arms, John TaylorValley of the Savery1953.9.1View
Arms, John TaylorVenetian Filigree (also called Ca D'Oro Venetia)19311953.9.2View
Arms, John TaylorPuerta Principal de la Iglesia, de San Pablo, Valladolid19341953.9.3View
Arms, John TaylorPorta del Paradiso, Venezia19301953.9.4View
Arms, John TaylorPalazza Angelo (Palazzo Dell' Angelo)19211983.50.1View
Arms, John TaylorSaint Germain L'Auxerrois19281983.50.2View
Arms, John TaylorSan Trovaso (also called "The Boat Builder's Yard")19261983.50.3View
Arms, John TaylorAlbi (also called "The Cathedral of Ste. Cécile")19271983.50.4View
Arms, John TaylorThe Enchanted Doorway19301983.50.5View
Arms, John TaylorVolterra (also called "Volterra, The Town in the Clouds")19271983.50.6View
Arms, John TaylorThe Church of Saint Francis and The Natizone, Cividale19311983.50.7View
Arms, John TaylorA Breton Calvary (also called "Calvaire Du Seizième Siècle")19321983.50.10View
Arms, John TaylorPlumed Serpent, Chichén Itza19401983.50.11View
Arms, John TaylorJewelry19381983.50.12View
Arms, John TaylorA Doorway in Thiers (also called "Thiers, Ancient Portal")19211983.50.13View
Arms, John TaylorChapiteau Gothique19261983.50.14View
Arms, John TaylorWilby Church, Northamptonshire, England19401983.50.15View
Arms, John TaylorLaigle (or Chruch of Saint Jean, Laigle, Orne)19401983.50.16View
Arms, John TaylorSpanish Profile, Palencia1950 (signed 1951)1983.50.17View
Arms, John TaylorLeon19231983.50.18View
Arms, John TaylorLe Puy (also called "The Cathedral of Notre Dame and The Chapel of St. Michael")19281983.50.19View
Arms, John TaylorNotre Dame de Laon19291983.50.22View
Arms, John TaylorSunlight on Stone, Caudebec-en-Caux19311983.50.23View
Arms, John TaylorVermont (also called "God's Mirror")19441983.50.24View
Arms, John TaylorNativity (also called "Gloria in Altissimis Deo")20th century1983.50.25View
Arms, John TaylorChartres, The Magnificent19481983.50.26View
Arms, John TaylorWest 42nd Street19201983.50.27View
Arms, John TaylorAbbeville (also called "St. Vulfran")19251983.50.28View
Arms, John TaylorIl Sacro Monte, Varese19271983.50.29View
Arms, John TaylorLavenham, England19391983.50.30View
Arms, John TaylorLouvers Lace (also called "Porte Du Baptéme, Eglise Notre Dame, Louviers")19361983.50.31View
Arms, John TaylorAngouleme (also called "Byzantine Revisited, Angouleme")19241983.50.32View
Arms, John TaylorLace, Place Victor Hugo, Lizieux and Lacet19191983.50.33View
Arms, John TaylorDol. Old Houses in the Grande Rue19191983.50.34View
Arms, John TaylorSunlight and Shadow19151983.50.35View
Arms, John TaylorChurch of Notre Dame in Evreux, Normandy19481983.50.36View
Arms, John TaylorLa Colegiata , Toro19351983.50.37View
Arms, John TaylorBurgos (also called "A Spanish Town Revisited")19241983.50.38View
Arms, John TaylorChateau Stockalper, Brique19271983.50.39View
Arms, John TaylorCeignac (Aveyron)19501983.50.40View
Arms, John TaylorAfterglow (also called Geddington, England (sketch))19381983.50.41View
Arms, John TaylorPuerta del Obispo, Zamora19331983.50.42View
Arms, John TaylorOld Corner Rouen19251983.50.43View
Arms, John TaylorNotre Dame the Tiny19351983.50.44View
Arms, John TaylorA Saint Chartres19271983.50.45View
Arms, John TaylorThe Tower Caorle19321983.50.46View
Arms, John TaylorGothic Glory (Sens)19291983.50.47View
Arms, John TaylorLa Tour d'Horloge, Dinan19321983.50.48View
Arms, John TaylorBasilica of the Madeleine, Vézelay19291983.50.49View
Arms, John TaylorStockholm19401983.50.50View

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